Chief and Frank

Each month like clockwork, Bone Southwest’s Michael Lake sends out a new free piece of his music to subscribers of his music feed at

This month’s piece is based on Bill Reichenbach’s great original called Chief and Frank. Dedicated to his two great influences, Emory Remington and Frank Rosolino, the beautiful homage is arranged for 5 tenor and one bass trombone.

Michael designed a variety of sounds throughout the piece which he overdubbed using his alto trombone along with bass trombone and tuba samples. The start of the song is particularly interesting in that it introduced not just the music put the men whose influences inspired Bill’s arrangement.

Listen to Chief and Frank, and while you’re there, sign up on the home page for all Mike’s monthly pieces.

Chief and Frank

LA studio greats play with cats

Last month’s International Trombone Festival was a wonderful experience. To read about some of the music and events, see Michael Lake’s recap of the week.

One of the highlights was a demonstration by six of Los Angeles’ top studio trombonists. The group lead by Alex Iles consisted of Andy Martin, Bill Reichenbach, Steve Holtman, Steve Trapani, Phil Keen and Alan Kaplan. These seven great players talked about the studio experience, sight read new music and rehearsed a piece specifically written for this event.

Since much of what they do in the studio revolves around a visual such as TV or movies, they read and rehearsed a new piece written by Steve Holtman that they would play sync’d to video playing overhead on stage. As Steve explained it, they were unable to convince a studio to give them film due to copyrights so Steve put together his own. As you’ll see from the following video of their performance, the video turned out to be a collage of some of Youtube’s most beloved characters.

Bob Weller plays Jingle Bells

Bob Weller is featured here on bass trombone performing Tom Kubis’ arrangement of Jingle Bells with the Puma Jazz Ensemble during their Winter Concert set at Paradise Valley Community College.

Bone Bell Fountainhead

I just finished remodeling the large fountain in my courtyard. I had a brilliant idea regarding how and where the water comes out and over the water feature. Why not use a trombone bell. No, it’s not an alto bell, but the next best thing. Watch as the water gets turned on.


GI Joe Jackson


Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is a phenomenal musician and trombonist. He is probably best know as the lead bone and then later as the director of the Airman of Note band. Click here to read his full bio.

If you want to hear one of the most fluid high ranges and harmonically complex jazz playing out there, check out his site

Listen to Bones Southwest set 1 at Winfield’s Cafe

Click the link below to hear an audio recording of our first set at a recent performance at Winfield’s Cafe.

Set1 SW Bones Winfield

Listen to Bones Southwest set 2 at Winfield’s Cafe

Click the link below to hear an audio recording of our first set at a recent performance at Winfield’s Cafe.

Set 2 Bones SW Winfields

Blood Sweat and Tears tuba solo

Here’s a great solo by Dave Bargeron, who also plays trombone in the group. Ever heard tuba played like this??

Blue Bells of Scotland

From soprano to alto to tenor to bass trombones, here’s one of the great and more creative renditions of the Blue Bells of Scotland. It’s performed by the New Trombone Collective.