Clifford ending cadenza practice

Here’s a resource to help Michael Eastin with the ending cadenza. The last chord is a Bbmaj9 and below I have recorded and posted three audio files to help with more easily playing over that chord. 

This first one is a simple scale exercise that will help to hear the sound of the various last notes. Play this exercise or one with a different scale pattern over the third audio file called Rhythm and Bones Only.

Clifford Brown

This next audio file contains a few examples of what can be played over the chord. Notice that the best ending notes to land on are D, F, A, and C.

This file is just bass, drums, and bones without my playing. Use this as your practice audio for exercises and practice. I’ve put it on a loop.

Last, here is Dinah Washington singing the tune. It’s always good to hear/know the lyrics of a tune that you’ll play as an instrumental.

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